Acharya A. K. Sharma (Baba Ji) has been assisting people to understand the role of Vedic knowledge and practices in our life. With the grace of Maa Tara he is still devoted to perform his duty towards betterment of the humanity. With the devotion of Divine Mother Goddess Tara, Baba Ji has started this initiative to assist people to achieve their spiritual goal by constant attachment to vedic rituals and to incorporate these rituals in their day to day life. People from all walks of life have taken guidance from Baba Ji and have benefitted with the grace of Maa Tara. Maa Tara is a form of Kaali Maa and is worshipped to give prosperity, power of speech and divine knowledge.

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According to Indian Astrology and vedic principles, persons nature and his life is governed by the position of planets, zodiac and stars at the time of his / her birth. Our ancient sages have successfully found ways to interpret these planetary positions and their influence on our life. To know basics about sunsigns please follow the link.
To a great deal, our life and things around us are influenced due to cosmic energy and various cosmic cycles. one way to to control these cosmic energy for our benefit is through mantras. The power of mantra is rendered through and influence us in various positive way. To know more about mantra and its influence on our life, please follow the link..
We can achieve our spritual goals in various ways. Vedic systems have ushered us with enriching rare knowledge to achieve all of our objectives. Baba Ji provides various guidance relevant to vedic rituals. To know more about methods and ways by which Baba ji can assist you in the process of achieving your spiritual goals, please follow the link.